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Frequently Asked Questions

+Is this wellness program part of my insurance plan?
No, this is a separate wellness program, run by an independent company called HCIactive, not a health insurance provider or part of a health insurance plan. The wellness program is an added healthcare benefit that your employer offers free of charge.
+Will my employer receive a copy of my results from the health screening or any part of the program?
No, your employer will not receive any individual data. Your employer will only receive aggregate population health information that will be used to craft future wellness programs to reflect the health needs of the overall population.
+Is this the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?
No, this is a wellness program, and programs like ours predate the ACA.
+How do I know my data is protected and confidential?
As a leading technology company serving the healthcare industry, HCIactive is dedicated to protecting the personal health information (PHI) and identification of the members we serve through our secure, cloud-based platform - Healthspace™. Healthspace is built on a Microsoft Azure enterprise that has a robust and comprehensive security schema. In addition, HCIactive has implemented administrative, technical and physical safeguards that adhere to Microsoft’s security requirements.
+Can my spouse/ family member do this for me?
Due to Federal HIPAA privacy laws, we can only speak to you about your account. Your spouse and loved ones cannot handle this on your behalf. Due to the online and phone support, verifying another individual under any “verbal or written authorization of access” is not secure, and we will always err on the side of caution when it comes to your private health information.
+What are Wellness Navigators?
Wellness Navigators are program specialists who are able to assist with any questions or concerns regarding your wellness program. The Wellness Navigators do not provide support for insurance related questions.
+When would I speak with a health coach?
You may speak with a health coach when it is part of your wellness incentive program to review reports, discuss labs or set health goals. You may also speak with a health coach to assist you in focusing on improving your health and wellness. A health coach can help you when you’re running low on motivation, when you need someone on your side, when you have specific health or lifestyle questions, when you need help recognizing successes and anytime you need extra support. You do not need a serious health issue to benefit from speaking with a health coach; a healthy person can benefit from coaching too.
+Can I always talk to the same Health Coach?
You can be paired with a health coach who will remain with you throughout your entire health coaching process, or you may choose to work with a different coach each time.

You can arrange follow-up with the same health coach during a coaching call or by calling the navigator line to schedule an appointment with a specific coach. You can schedule an appointment through your wellness portal and in that case, the automatic scheduler randomly selects a health coach for you.
+What's the difference between a Wellness Navigator and a Health Coach?
A health coach is a registered nurse who engages members in a collaborative and personalized wellness program that focuses on improving health and wellness. A health coach assists you in a process that builds your capacity to achieve short- and long-term goals that maximize health and well-being. A typical health coaching engagement is about three to four months, but can be as brief as one session and as long as one year, entirely at your discretion.

A Wellness Navigator will provide members with general support as it relates to the members portal and incentive program in which the member is participating in. Support such as incentive points, lab data, registration, appeals, user names and passwords and other areas is able to be provided by your Wellness Navigation Team.
+What tests are included in a biometric lab screening?
This varies depending on the wellness program your company has in place. Typical screenings will include tests to measure cholesterol, glucose, height, weight, waist circumference, and blood pressure.
+Is there an additional charge to me for completing my lab screening?
If your company is offering onsite screenings, there is no additional charge to you. Your company may also allow you to visit a LabCorp service center for which there is no additional charge. If you plan on completing your lab screening through your personal physician or other provider, please check with your insurance provider or HR on what charges, if any, may apply.
+How do I obtain a lab screening voucher to complete by bloodwork?
Depending on the program your company has in place, you will most likely be able to find any voucher or order form needed to complete your lab screening in the member portal. Once logged in, visit the “Message & Activities” page. Scroll through the page until you find the heading “Sign Up for Biometrics / Lab Screening” and click on the link to begin the sign up process. Custom forms may also be posted to the “Forms, Document, Links” page under “Health”.
+What should I expect at my lab screening?
It is recommended that you fast for 8-10 hours prior to completing your lab screening. Be sure to drink plenty of water during this time and take all medications as prescribed. You will be asked to sign in to the event and may need to fill out some paperwork with your personal information. You will then be directed to the various stations to have biometrics measured, blood work performed and possibly speak with a health coach.
+When will my lab results be posted on my portal?
You may see your results posted as quickly as 2 days following your screening but it could take up to 2 weeks. If you feel like your results should have been posted already, please call a Wellness Navigator.
+Why does my Member Comprehensive Report not show my most recent lab results.
Only one comprehensive member report is generated per plan year. If you already have a report from this year but submitted updated labs, a new report will not be generated. A report is also only generated once you have completed both your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and labs. Make sure you have completed both. If both of these have been completed and you have not received a comprehensive report for this year please call a Wellness Navigator.
+How soon will my Comprehensive Report be posted to my portal after I do my HRA and screening?
Once your HRA is completed and labs have posted to your portal, your comprehensive report will be generated within 48 hours.
+I missed my deadline to do my plan requirements, can I get an extension?
Any extension is counted as an appeal. Please check with your HR representative to see if this will be allowed. If approved, contact a Wellness Navigator. The Navigator will notify the Account Manager for your company who will verify the appeal approval. Please allow 3-5 business days for this process.
+How do I update my email address? Or I can’t remember the email address I used?
Once logged in to the portal you can update your email address by clicking on “Account” and selecting “Contact Information”. Update your username under “Username & Password”. If you can’t remember the email address or username you used to register you can call a Wellness Navigator or use the Live Chat option on the Login or Contact Us pages.
+Can you assist with connecting my Fitbit?
Yes. Please contact a Wellness Navigator to Link your Fitbit account with the member portal.
+I am having trouble making a password. What are the requirements for my password?
Passwords must contain 6 or more characters, with at least one letter and one number or symbol (@#$%^*()-_!&+=).
+I changed my password, but now it says invalid credentials. Now what?
Please try logging in once more with the password you just created. If that does not work, please contact the Wellness Navigation team.