Engage in your health, anytime, anywhere!

Your secure Healthspace portal is a single point of access for employer-sponsored health & wellness services. Depending on your plan, you may have other tools available like a health risk assessment quiz, access to a wellness program, incentive rewards, and more.

Features include:
  • Receive customer service help from a Navigator
  • Enroll or update your benefits and view claims
  • Receive e-mail and SMS text alerts and reminders
  • Get information on alternative Rx therapy and costs
  • Get personalized recommendations and actions for setting health goals
  • Access digital health content or schedule an appointment with an RN Health Coach
  • View upcoming events and classes
  • Learn about ways to save and earn more from your benefit plan
  • Participate in healthy activities with your colleagues
  • Earn incentive rewards
  • Care management with secure messaging and chat

*Features vary by health plan and/or employer’s preferences. All plans may not offer all features.

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